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The Biomagnetic Pair is a non-invasive integrative technique discovered by Mexican scientist Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán 29 years ago, which consists of positioning pairs of magnets in the body to facilitate the process of maintaining or restoring the internal balance in the body , thus favoring an optimal state of well-being.

Biomagnetism explained by its discoverer, Doctor Isaac Goiz Duran.

Biomagnetists work with magnets, more specifically with static magnetic fields, which have a positive influence on the body’s bioelectric system, restoring and maintaining the energy balance. Stable magnetic fields stabilize the body’s high frequency currents, which are basically a messy and chaotic electron movement caused by stress, toxins, gland dysfunction, infections and / or any other disease in the body. In this way, the magnets have a positive influence on the electricity of the body, once the bioelectric balance of the organism is restored the biochemical reactions, pH levels and normal functions of our biological system will begin to normalize by themselves, thus favoring a state of health and physical-emotional well-being. In other words, we can say that Biomagnetism helps the body heal itself.



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All Vero offers is love, but that love can be measured in concrete numbers, here´s the most basic.

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As a certified biomagnetist by the Goiz Institute in Mexico.

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Through the programs of, biomagnetism, yoga, nutritionism and other regeneration services of the body and mind.

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Biomagnetism, Yoga, Meditation, Regenerative Nutrition, Emotions and body, Numerology, Online classes and services, Yoga Sutras of Patanjali


Vero started practicing yoga from self training in 2012 and completed RYS 200 certification in 2018.

She teaches all ages, private, group and corporate classes. She specializes in vinyasa flow and gentle transitions for prenatal and beginners. Vero’s practice has evolved to a safe and personalized sequence. 

Vero looks after students needs and progress for postures,  variations and flow rhythm. As a beginner you will find the patience and understanding to work with your tightness and gain balance progressively. If you have experience in yoga you are going to master the poses, get proper alignment and explore new transitions. Wherever you are, just enjoy the mind-body connection that this ancient discipline brings. In her spiritual journey, yoga has become a life philosophy in and outside the yoga mat. 

Vero has been exposed to different cultures, allowing her to provide classes in English and Spanish. FYI, she is also fluent in Portuguese.

What my clients
say about me

Hello Veronica, today I was in your Yoga class and I was super happy with your teaching, my body and mind needed that moment; I went in just to try and I left super happy. Your practice for me was healing today.
You are wholehearted and you vibrate in love. Your spirit and your soul plan it that beautiful
I came across Vero and her magnets by chance. She treated my toddler son who was sick and not responding well to any conventional medicines. After the session, my son recovered, literally, from one day to the next. Vero is now our first port of call when we are unwell and her magnets work every time.
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