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Are you afraid of change?

My kids moved to a different country and my mother had a stroke. It is usually a wake-up call that makes us change, right? My story is not different from yours. Once I had lost my most loved ones, I decided to make a 180-degree change and to have a more meaningful, healthy and spiritual...

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What the heck is meditation?

Try not to think in a very uncomfortable position. Einstein was right: “it’s all relative”, time becomes so long doing something you don’t enjoy. Who invented this torture? How is this going to bring peace? Or at least calm, please! First of all, there is not such a thing as not thinking. That is the...

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Healthy and delicious food

Good nutrition doesn’t have to be boring or sad looking anymore. What to do? Vegan? Intermittent fasting? Ketogenic? Paleo? Gluten-free? Dash? Volumetric? Low-carb? Protein shake? A famous app? Why do some people get sick after going to one of those diets? You can certainly find what fits your needs. If your goal is to lose...

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Join Hundreds of Healthy People

Do not miss this opportunity to increase your physical and spiritual level, get an expert to guide to your internal improvement that radiates to the external.

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