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Who is Vero?

After working in a corporation for many years and having what most would call a successful carreer, one day Vero woke up feeling she didn’t belong anymore, she wanted a change. Her soul was hungry for real connection. Her heart was ready to receive and give unconditional love. Her spirit began to spread peace.

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18 years before, Vero had entered into meditation path after struggling with depression and meditation became her everyday anchor. Her yoga practice started later to gain strength and flexibility. In Vero’s journey, healthy nutrition helped her detox her body too. Every sphere in her life was laid for the best gift ever: Biomagnetism!

This technique with magnets arrived at the exact moment to get a perfect balance, a wholesome feeling and a genuine wellbeing.

So Vero is a loving person who will accompany you to meet your needs at your own pace with Bioenergetic, yoga, insight and proper nourishment. 

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Yoga Instructor


Certified Biomagnetist

Regenerative Nutrition


All our services are certified

What my clients say about me

I would like to know what you think of me, if you want your comment to appear on our page, let us know and it will be an honor to share your experience.

My mom and I have been receiving biomagnetism with Vero for a long time and it's great! The truth is it has helped us a lot as much in person as distance therapy; We have felt very well physically, emotionally and spiritually. Vero has really made us feel like family and we recommend her with confidence.
“You gave such a great class toward my pain on neck/shoulder. No needed pill. You healed my pain. Thank you so much. I have not enough to thank you.”

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